"Here's an easy way to let your shippers know you what your berries shipped with Tectrol."
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If you do not have a current TransFRESH relationship, please contact:

West Coast

Reilly Rhodes
Telephone: (949) 279-5084
[email protected]

Theresa Nolan (Nolan Networks)
Telephone: (508) 888-9193
[email protected]
South Central & Lower Midwest

Allen Moczygemba (Nolan Networks)
Telephone: (210) 388-2431
[email protected]
North Central & Upper Midwest

Rick Stepp (Nolan Networks)
Telephone: (218) 729-8522
[email protected]
Pallet Services Operations Manager

Michael Parachini
Telephone: (831) 772-6083
Fax (831) 772-6090
[email protected]